2021 PWBA Go Bowling Classic Stepladder Finals

Watch the stepladder finals from the 2021 PWBA Go Bowling Classic in Arlington, Texas. The finals took place Aug. 5 at the International Training and Research Center and broadcast live on BowlTV.com.

The stepladder finalists included Dasha Kovalova, Jordan Richard, Birgit Noreiks and Verity Crawley.

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8 Comments on “2021 PWBA Go Bowling Classic Stepladder Finals”

  1. it was a fantastic stepladder finals in the Go Bowling Classic that featured the bowlers from the U.S.A, England, Germany, and Ukraine

  2. I´m very glad to see that Birgit won the tournament. I hope that I see Birgit very soon in Rendsburg and congratulate her.

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