2021 PWBA Greater Cleveland Open Stepladder

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Watch the stepladder finals from the 2021 PWBA Greater Cleveland Open at Yorktown Lanes in Parma Heights, Ohio. The finals took place May 8 and were broadcast live on BowlTV.com.

The stepladder finalists included top seed Stephanie Zavala, Bryanna Cote, Danielle McEwan and Birgit Noreiks.

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14 Comments on “2021 PWBA Greater Cleveland Open Stepladder”

  1. Carolyn does a great job in her commentary and her sincere praise for the players and genuine emotions is terrific. She remembers her beginnings and expresses it beautifully.

  2. 2 questions… 1Why wear masks if ur vaccinated? 2 why be vaccinated if ur just gonna wear a mask?

    1. @Jax Teller , you’re not completing the CDC recommendation, as they can go without a mask around others that are also fully vaccinated. Many still are not, and around the un-vaccinated and indoors it is still recommended to where the mask. Fully educate yourself, not just take what you want to here out of context. Have a great day!!

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