2021 PWBA International Bowling Campus Classic Stepladder Finals

Watch the stepladder finals from the 2021 PWBA International Bowling Campus Classic in Arlington, Texas. The finals took place Aug. 7 at the International Training and Research Center and broadcast live on BowlTV.com.

The stepladder finalists included Verity Crawley, Stephanie Zavala, Bryanna Coté and Jen Higgins.

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17 Comments on “2021 PWBA International Bowling Campus Classic Stepladder Finals”

  1. So this is the best of my knowledge Daria. It’s actuall full term is “Dinner Bucket” or Bucket for short cause it forms a shape of a Dinner Bucket like something from KFC.

  2. Congrats Jen. The only bowler that looked completely comfortable out there. Quality shots and consistency and her reward a title.

  3. Great job by Daria on commentary even though I would like to see her bowl. Great show and another great showing by Verity.

  4. Some of the greatest Bowlers are hidden they don’t have the money or time once in a while we get to see them

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