2021 PWBA Spokane Open Stepladder Finals

Watch the stepladder finals from the 2021 PWBA Spokane Open in Spokane, Washington. The finals took place Aug. 21 at Lilac Lanes & Casino and broadcast live on BowlTV.com.

The stepladder finalists included Danielle McEwan, Liz Johnson, Dasha Kovalova and Kelly Kulick.

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30 Comments on “2021 PWBA Spokane Open Stepladder Finals”

    1. Thanks so much for giving people the chance to find out for themselves …. once again, you and your “brother” Phillips have managed to do what you do best ….. state the obvious and piss off everyone !

  1. The Dave LaMont nightmare continues. What a disservice he is to CDB and any other person with bowling knowledge. He contributes absolutely nothing to a telecast. 👎

    1. @Matt Crawley I subscribe to FloBowling. He’s had the best knowledgeable people in the business around him for months now. He doesn’t even try to learn about lane conditions or bowler adjustments. He interrupts his partner’s on air. It’s not all his fault though. You can blame the people at FloBowling. He’s doing a remote site broadcast. I subscribed to hear knowledgeable bowlers talk about the nuances of the sport. It’s just FloBowling along with the PBA and The Sport of Bowling committing suicide for the sport. Just a shame but it’s all good. I’m not renewing my subscription and either are many others.

    2. I really think Kelly Kulick was great when she was commentating … they should use her more often when she doesn’t make the show …. as to CDB it’s all about the “tracers” …….

    3. @Topnikko she’s a hall of famer with tons of knowledge compared to LaMont who remote broadcasts from his home and refers to a 2-8-10 split as the “impossible dream.” LaMont probably doesn’t even bowl 😅

    4. Nothing wrong with CDB she knows her stuff would love to chat to her all day dave I don’t know does he even know anything about bowling

  2. D-Mac crushed the pocket over and over again. Liz was all over the place that last match, got a lucky middle strike and her ball dove into the old 1-5 pocket multiple times. Poor Dasha and Kelly were getting Greek Church leaves from the same shots. In the end, even with several ringing 10’s, McEwen won easily and deservedly so.

    1. Shes having a tough season its hard to maintain the 2 seasons before you can’t be super woman all the time

  3. Chuck Gardner has lost a ton of weight, he looks awesome. And Dasha almost picked up the 7-10 off a full rack on her last practice ball.

  4. Danielle McEwan, Liz Johnson, Dasha Kovalova, and Kelly Kulick are having an amazing 2021 season on the Pwba Tour

    1. Liz isn’t sorry but I’ve only seen her in 2 tv shows and this is Kelly’s 2nd TV show and Danielle first TV show

    1. No. The lowest score is what people think when they rate YOU for your inane and totally irritating comments !

    2. Hey what’s wrong with this comment? Tom Daughty’s 100 was one of the greatest games in PBA history!

  5. My thoughts, for one congrats to these women just making the top 4. But I don’t think the top seed should come practice on the lanes they are competing on TV. It’s not fair to the two that are bowling and so forth. Js..

    1. They have to to get a look so that they will be ready for when they will be in the spot light all bowlers need a warm up shot before the actual match we do it in special Olympics also

  6. I miss Shannon o keef been in the step ladder finals 😕 but congratulations to the winner 🏆 thanks for another great step ladder finals 👍

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