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    1. As every Major should be. The TOC for example is a damn joke nowadays with the range of equipment.

    2. @Brandon Harrington I’ve been looking at US Open scores and while the pros would never admit it, the scores are higher than the Masters. Granted US open requires 8 games per round vs the Masters 5, regardless, the scores are much higher. How I came to this was when the first “Below 200 Average” began, US Open? 74th, Masters? 50th! Again, could be the field size burning the lanes more, but whatever made the Masters hard this year, I hope the USBC uses that pattern again! Cuz I too like seeing the Pros challenged!

    3. @frenchfrey65 agreed totally. I’m tired of watching carry contests at a pro level. In my opinion equipment need to be more regulated. Theres a near infinite amount of range on balls now. Back 30 years ago players made adjustments themselves without the luxury of changing balls. I think they should be allowed 2 balls per tournament.

    1. @Fire The Cannons- Super Bowl LV Champs You see tons of kids using it because it allows them the create power that they aren’t physically able to using 1 hand. These kids grow into the pros you see now. Since when is Belmo strong? Osku is an outlier. There are obvious outliers to both sides. In general what I said isn’t incorrect.

    2. @Brandon Harrington He barely swung his arm and put quite a bit on revs on it. He threw it slow, but that was just because of the pattern he was on. He threw it faster in another video I watched, but I can’t seem to remember what tournament it was

    3. @Brandon Harrington I don’t really have too much of a problem with what you said, I have a problem with people act like two handers are physically incapable of bowling one handed. We can, I even used to until I saw someone at my league with like 550 rpms 😂

  1. Jesper actually bowled better. Larson physically missed by a ton on many shots. Jespers misses were mostly due to lanes changes.

    1. Oh no a lefty didn’t have shim? What a shame. I like Jesper, but it was a grind for both of them. Larsen deserves his win

    2. @Jake Bourassa I don’t care for Jesper at all as a player. Guy is a one trick pony. Throws a Urethane down the 2nd arrow… That’s his entire game. He did bowl better than Larson though. Agreed the lanes were obviously difficult too. Seeing Larson miss by 4+ boards multiple times was rough.

    1. Eh, I beg to differ. He missed a LOT of shots his last match. Jesper struggled with lane transition while actually making his shots. Ball just overreacted. I don’t care for Jesper at all but he bowled better in my eyes. Score doesn’t determine who bowled better.

    2. @Brandon Harrington yeah agree, but after all the years of Thomas Larsen not winning in the US. Just thought it was time for Thomas to win after all these years.

  2. I wish that Robarge would’ve won, he’s already accomplished a dream that I would kill to live.

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