2021 USBC Queens – Stepladder Finals

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Watch the stepladder finals from the 2021 USBC Queens at the National Bowling Stadium in Reno, Nevada. The finals took place May 18 and were broadcast live on BowlTV.com.

The stepladder finalists included top seed Julia Bond, Liz Kuhlkin, Missy Parkin and Diana Zavjalova and Verity Crawley.

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23 Comments on “2021 USBC Queens – Stepladder Finals”

  1. Good show. I hope Dave is a permanent addition to the team and not just for Queens. It really brought the quality level up. But I think it would help if you could get a better web cam, the resolution can be poor at times.

  2. KDB and KK has soooooo much knolwage. I love hearing them explain what they are looking for.

  3. Congratulations to Julia and all the finalists. Carolyn and Kelly add so much knowledge and information of bowling and equipment and lane play on the telecast. Unfortunately Dave LaMont offsets that with his lack there of.

  4. Great stepladder, and some really insightful/informed commentary from the pros, but…
    C’mon USBC, the video “quality” is nothing less than an abomination. It’s beyond belief… Lift your game, it’s embarrassing.

  5. I found this event to be the most educational for me.. from the oil pattern.. to how it’s applied to the lane..the topography of the center..how the players chose to break down the pattern.. how they chose to get their ball to the breakpoint..lastly knowing their equipment!!

  6. Great bowling, love watching them bowl! Now fight for having this Televised on regular TV next year and many of their other Tournaments….js

  7. Congrats to Julia and the other finalists. Excellent bowling! Wish the production value was half as good. Terrible video, audio, ridiculous masked interviews and commentary where you can’t even understand what they’re saying. Very sad this is the best the USBC can do.

  8. I was rooting for Verity. She bowled well but just came up short. Great showing though. Huge Congratulations to Julia though!! What an amazing performance this entire tournament for her!

  9. Thank you for providing the video and great commentary by all. Nice to have insight provided as analysts by Kelley and
    Carolyn who are tremendous competitors.

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