2022 Junior Gold Bowling Championships | U12 Finals Girls & Boys

2022 Junior Gold Bowling Championships | U12 Finals Girls & Boys

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9 Comments on “2022 Junior Gold Bowling Championships | U12 Finals Girls & Boys”

    1. Every Tuesday we are releasing all of the shows from the 2022 Junior Gold Championships including the USA Bowling FInals.

  1. Why does their styles always have to be mentioned? No matter the approach, they all RELEASE with one hand. Just say they are competitors. Makes this age old bias stale more sour. Its not needed for the game. Both styles of approach still needs to have basic fundamental’s to have consistent games. Period. Love the commentators, but hate the bias.

    1. Hey Keenan, valid point. I think we as bowlers always like to draw attention to lefty/righty as well as crankers/tweeners/strokers in our game’s history. Today’s game clearly we have the one-handed/two-handed analysis that gets talked about a lot. Point is… even the best commentators in the history of bowling have really deeply analyzed the clear differences in styles and brought that to the audience at home. This can also be said today for the type of material a bowling ball is made up of urethane/resin. I can speak for myself and Carolyn that at no time are we trying to discredit the young athletes but we’re just trying to talk about things that the audience can relate and engage with. Thanks for watching, and thanks for your comment. – Mike Flanagan

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