2022 PBA League presented by Pabst Blue Ribbon Draft

The 2022 PBA League presented by Pabst Blue Ribbon draft originally streamed live on the PBA's Facebook page May 18, 2022.

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24 Comments on “2022 PBA League presented by Pabst Blue Ribbon Draft”

  1. I was waiting for the timing to run down so I could watch the video not knowing I could just fast forward πŸ™„ that’s what working overtime so much will do to you πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  2. I have always wondered how they did the PBA League Draft and this upload is quite the informative one.

    Thanks for this! πŸ™‚ Can’t wait for the PBA League to start!


    Great picks for each team. I had an inkling that Norm would take Santtu since he likes going with the diamond-in-the-rough players. I also had no idea they could do trades, but good call by Timmy getting Packy back. I really enjoy the picks for my Motown Muscle. This is gonna be exciting.

    Also, thanks PBA for uploading the live draft.

  4. Sharp move by Mack to trade and get 4/5 of the returning champs back. Sharper move by Cain to deny him 5/5 🀣

  5. congrats kyle sherman with the #1 pick! thats sick! congrats Brad Miller, Nick Pate, Mikey Tang, Keven Williams, Mitch Hupe and Packy!

  6. Waiting for the 9th pick and disappointed that Parker is still out there. Happy to see Kyle, Packy and Brad taken early! πŸ™‚

  7. Yes!! NICE PICK, Johnny! Parker Bohn III…one of the classiest rollers ever to pick up a ball bowling with arguably the greatest roller ever in WRW! I’m a LAX backer, however, now HAVE TO follow Waco!

  8. What happened with female teams this year.? Two years ago there was two excelent and competitive teams. Fans need female teams……..please.!!!!

  9. Well…..it was pretty obvious with that trade that Mark Baker was not interested in picking Barnes!

  10. I never thought in my entire life that Andrew Cain picked Chris Barnes for LAX. I honestly thought that he’s gonna pick either Osku Palermaa, Andres Gomez or Patrick Girard.

  11. Also, for the reason of Chicago. Why is there not a sub pick round πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

  12. Good draft for the most part and there were some I was hoping that would get picked BUT however…

    How do you not pick

    Tom Hess – One of the hottest bowlers out there current POY on the PBA50 who is still tearing it up lately in everything he’s bowling in

    Kevin McCune – The best upcoming bowler this year on the PBA no doubt and is proving he can hold is own I’m the most upset with him not getting picked

    Sam Cooley – Again another guy who doesn’t need to prove himself won a title last year and was close enough to win the playoffs who also has team experience

    Richie Teece – Brought so much energy to the team last year and bowled very well in the team environment

    Not going to mention names but there was a few that really shouldn’t have been picked especially when the bowlers I mentioned out performed them by miles but unfortunately that’s where politics come in and mess things up BUT with all that said I’m beyond excited for the league to be back and it will be a hell of time this year looking forward to it

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