2022 PBA Players Championship Seeding Round

The five PBA Players Championship finalists (Graham Fach (East), Tommy Jones (South), Sean Rash (Midwest), Arturo Quintero (Southwest) and Jason Belmonte (West)) compete in a three-game, total-pinball match to determine seeding for the stepladder finals to air Saturday, January 29 at 8:30 p.m. ET on FS1.

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38 Comments on “2022 PBA Players Championship Seeding Round”

    1. I hate it when 2 handers do that just because they can. Usually they just do it to mess the oil up a bit for the lefties but they have no intention of using it in an actual game.

  1. It’s funny to see 2 completely full ball returns with even more balls on the floor. I never have more than 2 balls out at once unless I’m practicing by myself.

    1. @Frosty because I can see closed captioning, it’s obvious this was intended to be a telecast. However, someone messed up the upload badly.

    2. Sean has an excuse for everything that doesn’t go his way. Wahhhh lefties are the devil, ball is unfair! Etc.

  2. Finally. PBA got it right and telecast the seeding round. Good luck and may Andrew Phillips not spoil the results 🤞🏽

  3. PBA, you’re getting a lot of things right lately, and getting better and better as you go. Loved seeing this. Really excited for tomorrow.

  4. Hope everyone has their rash supporter kit on hand!! Water bottle, purple hammer and belmo shirt lol

  5. Curious though……why does Belmo get to use his nickname “Belmo” on the back of his jersey when the PBA rule 13.5.10 states that ‘During all portions of any PBA tournament, competitors must wear their last name (first names are optional) in permanently attached, color-contrasting letters…” The rule says last name so it should say Belmonte, not Belmo. He is the greatest bowler in the world but gets exempt from the rules because of who he is? Maybe Brad Miller should put “Bald Eagle” on his jerseys now. That’ll make some merch money in the replica jersey rhelm! LOL

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