2022 PBA50 Bud Moore Classic Stepladder Finals

The stepladder finals of the 2022 PBA50 Bud Moore Classic feature Dave Johnson, Stoney Baker, Tom Hess, Michael Haugen Jr. and Pete Weber.

Originally streamed live on Bowl TV May 16, 2022 from Bud Moore Lanes in Clifton, Virginia.

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20 Comments on “2022 PBA50 Bud Moore Classic Stepladder Finals”

  1. Moments like 17:51 make it worth the watch! Thanks, Pete Weber! And i demand the birth certificate of Haugen. That guy ain’t 50!

  2. I love this venue, it’s so unique, and it has that southern charm decor to it, also love the oldschool brunswick projector instead of automatic scoring.

    1. and the nice brunswick gsx machines. btw did anyone noticed this machines are much faster than normal

  3. the 1st, Semi Final, and title matches of the Bud Moore Classic had provided dramatic finishes

  4. Sitting here watching the old school scoring takes me back to when I started bowling.

  5. Just wonderful. The PBA50 tour is solid gold, and this one was extra special for me. Took me way back. Thanks so much!

  6. Michael Haugen Jr bowl 🎳 a great game Pete Weber bowl 🎳 a good game still going to Pete who do you think are I am lol Pete Weber is still the greatest that bowl 🎳 a strike

  7. I really like d watching this event gave me such a good feeling I love d it can’t wait to watch it next year

  8. Love watching this. Tuesday night I would keep score and Thursday night I would set pins. Yep ! I was a pinboy

  9. I love how the spectators sit as still as possible when the Pros are on the approach. I wish people at the alley had this type of etiquette.

    1. You better sit down when Pete is bowling or you will get called out or moved to another seat.

  10. Me been a special olympion bowler I’ve never seen the old scoring before so it’s kind of awesome πŸ‘Œ The PBA50 tour is awesome to watch thanks for the up loads

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