2022 PBA50 David Small’s Championship Lanes Open Stepladder Finals

The stepladder finals of the 2022 PBA50 David Small's Championship Lanes Open feature Chris Barnes, Parker Bohn III, Bryan Goebel, Brad Angelo and Lennie Boresch Jr.

Originally streamed live on BowlTV August 9, 2022 from David Small's Championship Lanes in Anderson, Indiana.

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25 Comments on “2022 PBA50 David Small’s Championship Lanes Open Stepladder Finals”

  1. Good morning y’all it’s 930 I love bowling and I do that as my sport and I wish everyone the best of luck who are bowling today for y’all

  2. These guys are shockingly good, I’d have to think in shorter formats or when they aren’t insta-burning up the fronts and left that they could easily still compete with the regular tour players, theres a bunch of frivolities that occur out there some I disagree with but I just love the game of bowling and wish the best for all.

    1. Absolutely…there’s plenty of people who average 220 on house patterns and think that they can compete with these players…the best of the best average 250 plus on simple house shot patterns.

    2. @nick rumley 240-250 anything more there’s too much room for error. No matter how good someone is, 10 strikes a game is still pretty difficult to achieve.

  3. The livestream would be so much better if you guys didn’t switch the viewing angel every ten seconds. The viewers like to see the bowlers lay the ball down and see which board it on and when it hits the breakpoint from behide the bowler. At least take a poll and ask the subscribers if the want to see all those camera angels which are fine for a replay but not on the live action.. Respectfully.

    1. I agree 100%. The camera view should always be behind the bowler, either directly or at most offset 10%. I want to see each bowler get set, his approach, the release, and then watch the ball travel all the way down lane, including the break point and where it hits in the pocket. Any camera angle from 3 lanes over, or from the side, is pointless and counterproductive, and switching cameras every time a bowler’s ball is released is just plain frustrating.

  4. Parker is a legend and he has beaten Chris Barnes a couple of times now. But Barnes is too good a player to be beaten easily. Just a matter of time before he came out on top too.

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  6. Loven these up louds I absolutely 💯 love watching these amazing guys bowling 🎳 I don’t have bowl tv so this is a treat 🙂🙂🙂🙂🙏🙏🙏

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