2022 PBA60 Dick Weber Classic Stepladder Finals

The stepladder finals of the 2022 PBA60 Dick Weber Classic feature John Kirker Jr., Ron Mohr, Warren Eales, Tom Carter and Lennie Boresch Jr.

Originally streamed live on BowlTV August 18, 2022 from JAX60 in Jackson, Michigan.

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10 Comments on “2022 PBA60 Dick Weber Classic Stepladder Finals”

    1. @Jake Snussbuster It gets you on with your day a little sooner. Stepladder bowling is far more interesting than it is exciting. After like 10 seconds you won’t realize that everything is going a hair faster. Try it.

    2. @IRON-PANDA I’m watching a 2 hour video because I have 2 hours to burn.. Speeding up the video has no benefit

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