2022 U.S. Open – Rd. 1 Preview (B Squad)

EJ Tackett led the way in A Squad after averaging more than 224 on today's 45-foot condition at the 2022 #USOpen. Will competitors on B Squad be able to catch him? Tune in for Game 1 from Woodland Bowl!

Watch every pair in play at BowlTV.com, and find results and more at BOWL.com/USOpen.
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3 Comments on “2022 U.S. Open – Rd. 1 Preview (B Squad)”

  1. 팔로슬루때 엄지라인이 1번핀과 3번핀사이를 겨냥해서 즉 끼워놓고 치듯이해서 쳐보시면요.포켓으로 공을 유도해줌.

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