2022 USBC Hardness Study – Part 3

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3 Comments on “2022 USBC Hardness Study – Part 3”

  1. My takeaway from these 3 videos is that only the surface of a urethane ball softens with use. The surface softening isn’t enough to significantly affect ball motion, and can be reset with a simple surface pad.

    BUT a ball that comes off the production line too soft, isn’t just too soft on the surface, it’s too soft throughout the entire shell, and is permanently soft because you can’t simply remove the surface layer.

    Assuming urethane is more elastic, as was stated in the video, the increased elasticity throughout the entire shell of a softer off the line ball vs the less elastic throughout cover of a harder off the line ball, is the reason a softer with use ball still doesn’t perform the same as a softer throughout ball at similar hardness measurements.

    Makes sense to me.

  2. So what do these findings mean regarding the balls banned last year since their reports just determined their findings to be inconclusive?

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