2022 World Series Of Bowling Begins Amid Urethane Firestorm

FloBowling commentator Mike Flanagan talks about the status of urethane balls on the PBA Tour as the 2022 World Series of Bowling gets underway.

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13 Comments on “2022 World Series Of Bowling Begins Amid Urethane Firestorm”

  1. the urethane issue is such a non-issue..

    don’t blame urethane bowling balls for the unprecedented scoring we’re seeing today, because reactive resin allows shittier players to put up higher scores than their skill level.

    1. Mr.West, The Cream Always Rises to the Top. Weber/ Roth/ Anthony/ Duke/Williams/ Bohn3/ etc……

  2. As long as house leagues don’t mess with that ruling, else it forces all those that aren’t able to obtain a new ball with every rule change.

  3. Claiming that a ball based on 40 year old technology holds a competitive edge (soft or not) over todays core and cover technology is just asinine, in my humble opinion.

    1. Don’t for get the oil patterns have developed as well. Urethane has its place still without a doubt old or not. On quite a few patterns it shines when the “new” cores and cover stock are too much or not the right look.

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