2023 NCAA Bowling Championship Finals

This show was televised on ESPNU. NCAA, ESPN and ESPNU own all the rights, I do not. This upload is for those that don't have that channel available and would like to watch the show.
0:00 – Game 1
14:56 – Game 2
29:27 – Game 3
43:01 – Game 4
56:52 – Game 5
1:12:28 – Game 6
1:27:47 – Game 7

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19 Comments on “2023 NCAA Bowling Championship Finals”

    1. yes and by recording it we can u tube it anytime and not having to do it off tv if we have a tv good thing compated to the nonsense tht gets millions of views althiugh food channels and vegas is popular

    2. im watching the last game now i guess this was recent and watched 2 of 3 of the fox in milwaukee i used to watch the abc espn along time ago i hadnt thought of it before to watch i watch and listen to pro games without tv without a tv iget some games on a sports bet site overseas but bet in new york i bowled maybe 25 yrs ago and before

    1. their hands will be sore high fiving some of thwe girls are cute and have revs on the ball like the pros the red ball maggie had a good messenger just missed alot of power they compare to the pro girls

    1. Carolyn’s daughter Alyssa bowls on Vanderbilt’s team so they were rooting for them that’s why.

  1. 🙂 Arkansas was 🤏that close of winning it….But it was 👉 This spare 1:26:08 she ultimately had to make to bowl on.

  2. We gotta stop high fiving after every shot. Especially after a non strike before the spare is attempted. Looks ridiculous. They can still support their teammates verbally.

  3. Love how Caroline is such a champion for the sport of bowling at large but especially for the college team game. The sport will thrive as long as it has someone like her to continue to contribute and fight for it

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