23 Comments on “2023 PBA Collegiate Championships Finals”

  1. It’s really surreal watching the Mount Mercy Women on the PBA Televised Stage. Some of these women I’ve bowled scholarship tournaments with for the past 6-7 years. They all truly deserve their spot on the national tv show!

  2. 14:47 Coach Rick Steelsmith in 1987 then now! I’ve had the pleasure of meeting him and befriending him as a student here at Wichita State myself; I’m going to make an attempt for the developmental league next year.

  3. I think Jenna Willams has a great physical game and about the same amount of power as Daria Pajak. She’s going to be a star player on the tour.

  4. I know some people really be hating on TJ Rock for missing the 10 Pin but remember some people struggled on WSU and Indiana Tech not just TJ. Everyone saw his reaction on him missing the 10 Pin even he knows he messed up and he didn’t even try to make excuse or anything he admitted it and he walked away. It’s not easy out there Collegiately and TV wise.

    I used to bowl with TJ Rock in League and Tournaments and he was one of the last guys you ever wanted to face on the lanes I need y’all to put some respect on his name.

  5. Never had a pined comment on this channel before, however I would really love to say that great to see you back BP! Ik u said before u promised a face reveal however that would either take some time to do so or whenever you feel comfortable to do so!

    All of these young bowlers will have a bright future ahead of them, so does yours BP! ❤

    1. Look at u posting just for clout. Bringing up not having a pinned comment like it matters. You are a prime example of how crappy todays society is. Whats next, u gonna complain how u dont have over 100 thumbs up?

  6. Thanks for the upload brother. Congrats to all and a horrible decision by the coach to move Spencer from the anchor spot in game 2.

  7. Absolutely tragic 10 pin whiff from TJ, must have missed by a millimeter. He knows he messed up though, and acted gracefully. The pressure in that situation is just so nerve-wracking. He’s still a beast though, my team and I were amazed watching him at the Glenn Carlson Invitational in Vegas.

  8. You put the wrong guy in the anchor position for Wichita should of left it the way it was coach lost it for them

  9. Man, the girl from mercy threw when she didn’t get her hand into the ball, left a split and ultimately left an open frame when Wichita missed and lost all momentum. That was her moment….sucks but that was the game

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