2023 PBA Jackson Classic Stepladder Finals

The stepladder finals of the 2023 PBA Jackson Classic feature Anthony Simonsen, EJ Tackett, Shawn Maldonado and Tommy Jones.

Originally streamed live on BowlTV March 9, 2023 from JAX 60 in Jackson, Michigan.

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30 Comments on “2023 PBA Jackson Classic Stepladder Finals”

  1. it stinks that EJ is winning these title’s in front of small crowds applauding like it’s a golf tournament, and also i don’t think 3/4 of fans don’t even know what flo bowling or what bowl tv is, and even if fans do know, the commentary are horrible, I thought in 2022 WWE nascar and NFL and a little bit of MLB, or even boxing, like every time i say who is the best boxer in 2023, old and young people are saying muhammad ali, I’m like he’s dead he’s not a boxer no more, are all sports dying in horrible ways right now? what is wrong with the 21st century of sports with old and young fans don’t care about sports anymore or is cable tv or tickets to watch big events are becoming a major problem in the economy right now, or are young fans not caring about sports in the internet even college people because old 65 year old people have problems with new technology? what is happening in sports today

    1. Flobowling isn’t even supporting current shows. Viewers got pretty screwed on that split since many were charged right before the announcement and not offered refunds.

    2. @Fonaciss yep, I happened to be one of them. I jumped on BowlTV and it’s been ok so far. They’ve have some internet issues, especially in Jackson, but nothing major they are to blame for. I’m just happy I can watch all the rounds again for a reasonable price. Plus, I’d rather support almost anyone over Fox.

    3. @Ashley Rae Good to hear BowlTV has been good to you. I didn’t make the jump to BowlTV after the FloBowling partnership fell apart (not sure what happened, so I am not going to solely blame them; however, they chose not to refund people for their memberships) because it seems like bowling broadcasting agreements change frequently and I don’t feel like getting burned again so soon.

      But it’s good to hear BowlTV works well. You’re right, internet issues aren’t always their fault. Often they are at the mercy of the venue bandwidth, which can sometimes be pretty limited for their applications. I am also with you against supporting Fox. I honestly hadn’t even considered it!

      Thanks for the reply.

    4. @Fonaciss I don’t blame you one bit! I actually resisted joining BowlTV until last month and really only did so because I missed watching every round. I am pleasantly surprised with their coverage so far. I chose the monthly option as I don’t plan to pay for months the PBA is not in season. However, I have been watching a lot of the PWBA, Senior, youth, & archived coverage so I may end up going with the annual subscription if BowlTV keeps up the good coverage.

      Thanks for your reply also! I hope you are able to find a platform that works for you.😊

  2. The announcer that said Simo would be in the lead of the Player of the year running…. lmao. Simo is a beast, but EJ is on another level this year so far. It’s not even close.

    1. I know it. Top 12s are a lot different than two titles. The announcer probably has ties to Simo’s sponsors.

  3. norcal/bay area needs to have a tournament someday. we love bowling and would love the pba come by.

  4. It was an awesome Stepladder Finals in the Jackson Classic that featured a 298 game that happened in the 1st Match.

  5. Both E.J. Tackett and Anthony Simonsen are going to make another Stepladder Finals in the Tournament of Champions.

  6. Sucks to have already known the outcome. Why the delay? Fox isnt airing it or much of anything this year…

    1. This wasn’t a Fox broadcast event. BowlTV has the rights to many of the tournaments. It’s only $15 a month to subscribe to BowlTv and you get to watch live streaming of all the PTQs, Qualifying rounds, Matchplay, etc. There is a main channel with the commentators, plus 5 other channels that cover additional pairs/players throughout the center. It’s well worth the money being able to watch so much more bowling, especially without the FOX abbreviated telecasts and commercials.

  7. Lmaooo I remember last year everyone was saying EJ chokes in the finals. A lot of fans coming outta nowhere 😂 keep that same energy bruh, dude is on a mission this year

  8. You are a rock star, EJ! Absolutely gorgeous bowling style combined with all that power makes you the best in the world! 3 in a row for my favorite bowler ever!

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