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  1. Wait, I’m 18, and a senior at high school, am I still able to be in PBA Jr? Cause they said Zach was an 18 year old senior, or was that just a mess up in wording?

    1. Spencer Robarge was on PBA Junior Finals a few years ago as an 18 or 19 yo. I’m pretty sure it is 18 and under but I swear Spencer was 19 when he did it. I’m sure if you’re 18 when it starts, you can qualify.

    2. @Ethaan Morriss o alright thanks man, was just wondering cause the website says 17 and under, I’ll look into it and see if I can sign up

    3. @DividedFERGY  I honestly don’t know. Maybe Spencer Robarge signed up at 17, and the finals he turned 18 shortly before? Contact one of the reps or whatever and see.

  2. Stull is a GAMER. Her demeanor was stone cold throughout the entire game, only to let her nerves show after it was all said and done. Incredible maturity, but they’re both just still kids. They will, without a doubt, be big competitors in the biggest open tournaments against the fellas one day. They’re just that good🤷🏻‍♂️

  3. It is mmuch more fun with a 3rd guy on commentators, especially a personality like Norm. I could just listen to them for hours not even caring who’s doing what on the lanes.

  4. I’m old enough to remember when the ball wouldn’t have stayed on the lane with these two-handed deliveries. The fact that they’ve literally doubled the length of the patterns and gone from ten weight lane conditioner to 100+ weight says it’s the equipment doing all of the work, not the bowler. Let’s see them bowl with polyester.

    1. @Jody Sanders I think you’re missing the point. If I can walk into any house in any lane condition with one ball and average 210+, why do “professionals” need twelve balls now? Bowling was never supposed to be about how many revs you can put on the ball or how hard you can throw it. Now, that’s all it’s about. The best bowlers of all time wouldn’t have been able to compete under these conditions. Not enough speed or revs. Except maybe Mark Roth.

  5. I know she’s basically a pro for her age, but Bella needed to work on her entry angle all game. Her ball barely ever hit the 5 pin. Slow it down a little bit, send it out, and let the ball do the work. It’ll hook.

  6. Ya know the thing I just don’t understand is WHY the announcers, pros and fans put so much unnecessary pressure on these KIDS?? That’s right, they’re just 13 and 15 year old girls. For God sakes let them be teenagers and have some fun. I follow Bella a little and all she hears is how good she is. According to her fans and follwers, there was no real sense in even bowling this tournament. They should have just handed her the trophy, college bowler of the year and at least 20 pro titles. She CAN’T not win. Support and confidence are important, no doubt. But please don’t make it impossible for these kids to lose. Unless any of these young players are the next coming, they will lose 10x more than they win and that’s just life. I support the programs they have and wish these were available when I wanted to be a pro. They weren’t and I didn’t. Remember this guys, there is ALWAYS someone out there bigger, faster, stronger, smarter, or a better bowler than you!! All you can do is the best you can do. Believe it or not I wish you all the best, just don’t hear all the accolades you hear. Believe in yourself and stay true to yourself, family, friends and God. Let the hate responses begin. Congratulations to Kaitlyn and Jacob. They both bowled great!!

  7. i remember bowling in a tournament with jakob robertson a couple years ago, the dude can bowl. glad to see him on national tv today.

  8. If Jesper is the Iceman, then Kaitlyn Stull is the Icemaiden. The woman’s tour should have a healthy fear of her coming into her full powers…

  9. wish i would have watched this before last weekend, bowled at sherman bowling lanes in Muskegon in state bowling. unlikely but would have cool to run into Dasha at her home lanes.

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