2023 PBA Junior National Championships

The 2023 PBA Junior National Championships feature Bella Love Castillo vs. Kaitlyn Still and Jakob Robertson vs. Zach Andresen. Later, the PBA Jr. bowlers compete in a doubles tournament with pro teammates Dasha Kovalova, Danielle McEwan, EJ Tackett and Kyle Troup.

Originally aired on FS1 March 25, 2023 from AMF Riviera Lanes in Fairlawn, Ohio.

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9 Comments on “2023 PBA Junior National Championships”

    1. Really my dude. They post these shows a week later per their content with FOX. it’s not that late.

  1. Dasha Kovaleva looks like the “evil Russian” from Hollywood movies. mimimi😅

  2. These really need to be uploaded faster. This is a good while after the event that people have seen it by other means already. It’s not a good look when these videos have such low viewership.

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