2023 PBA LBC National Championships Oil Pattern

The oil pattern for the 2023 PBA LBC National Championships will be 42 feet with 28.7 mLs of Kegel “Ice” conditioner. With a ratio of 5:1, it falls under the parameters of a Challenge pattern.

Eric Pierson, the PBA LBC National Championships tournament director and head of lane maintenance, said players may enjoy the pattern better than a typical house shot, as the pattern structure will allow many of them to play in their comfort zone.

“It is very playable for different styles and skill levels of bowlers,” Pierson said.

Check out this video breakdown of the oil pattern, featuring Kris Prather and bowlers from the Milwaukee area. Prather won the 2022 PBA World Championship at Bowlero Wauwatosa, the host center of the 2023 PBA LBC National Championships.

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