22 Comments on “2023 PBA NASCAR Invitational at Phoenix Raceway”

  1. The nascar guys seemed to enjoy themselves and Chase had a crazy run in knockout. PBA pros did great and it was a cool event. Daria basically forcing all males into submission. Good Lord, please!

  2. I like to refer myself as the mini ice man. I admire Jesper so much. I would love to have him coach me some day! I try to mirror my style to exactly his style. I also love Daria! She is super sweet and friendly. I talked to her via insta for a little bit. So glad she’s doin good in the PWBA!

    1. I understand idolizing someone but don’t try to 1 for 1 copy someone’s style. Make your own style based on what’s comfortable

  3. Saw this on FS1. Seemed like all the bowlers had a good time. Daria Pajak could compete with the men in the PBA!

  4. how sweet, in the final match Daria was checking out her partener’s can!!!i’m gonna replay it.

  5. Amazing to see a show like this needs to be done more well done all thanks for a great laugh and fun 😄

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