25 Comments on “2023 PBA Players Championship Finals”

  1. Congratulations Kevin on the W!! I watched this telecast and I had a blast!!

  2. Used to practice where Kevin used to work. Nice guy and was always helpful to customers in the bowling alley. He will tell you before today a lot of people already knew he could compete and win on the pro circuit. Congrats to him and his family.

  3. It’s impossible to not like Butters. It’s not possible for a single soul to even FATHOM disdain for him. He’s an integral part of the community, and I’m so glad he’s found so much success this year.

    1. Eh… two things can be true. I don’t particularly care about him, his form causes me physical discomfort to look at. But at this point he is absolutely a pillar in the community as far as the young guys. So I definitely appreciate him, but I’m not really a fan

  4. Thank you brother BP for all the uploads. I purposely didn’t watch the final this afternoon so I could watch your upload with the commercials edited out. This one of the worst finals ever. Congrats to Kevin. No adjustments from Jakob besides ball changes. He looked like a deer in headlights.

  5. Kevin did incredible. He is going to be a beast on tour after this win. Big congrats to him.

  6. Congratulations to Kevin! He was calm and collected, pretty much through the whole tournament! Hope to see him win more titles!

  7. Seems like we have a new star on the pba-tour! Not only did Kevin beat all the mayor names on his way to the title, but it also seems like all of them are intimidatet by him. For sure they wont forget about this any time soon! Do you also wish you could throw it at 30mph?

  8. I have watched the PBA Tour for the last 35 years. I can tell FOX cares way more about the sport of bowling then ESPN ever did. Stay with FOX PBA I love the formats they are letting you experiment with.

  9. Kevin did an amazing job all thoroughout keeping the pressure on his opponents every moment that could have let an oppenent back in he shut the door.

  10. The continued Rob Stone Tom Daugherty Feud is my absolute favorite story-line in PBA history 😂

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