20 Comments on “2023 PBA Players Championship – Quarterfinals – Show 2”

    1. @bowl now oh 100% true right there, also i don’t know why god did that, what was his point on not giving the fans something they weren’t excepting, and brother vs brother match, i wanted to see EJ and Zac to take on each other, why didn’t that not happen? it would of been an amazing story, why does GOD ruin moments like this?

  1. I love this format a lot more than any other format in the PBA if both players win one game each we have to go to a 9th and 10th frame roloff that’s a pretty good rule

    1. I like it too, the only dumb part is if you win one and tie one you can still lose in this format if you lose both of the rolloffs.

  2. All the regulators ,got .beat by other countries. Blutte😮rsy the last of the old champs wow

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