2023 PBA Players Championship | Round of 8 | Show 2 of 5

The second of five telecasts from the 2023 PBA Players Championship features two Race to 2 matches: EJ Tackett vs. Kevin McCune and Tomas Käyhkö vs. Anthony Simonsen.

Originally aired live on FS1 May 7, 2023 from Bowlero North Brunswick in North Brunswick, New Jersey.

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7 Comments on “2023 PBA Players Championship | Round of 8 | Show 2 of 5”

  1. The matches in the Race to 2 Points in the Quarterfinals of the Players Championship had fantastic and very close finishes.

  2. Felt so bad for EJ with that blower 7-10, and then a momentary lapse in concentration to miss that 7 pin. How many of those does he miss? Almost never. Either of those things go his way, it’s an entirely different tournament.

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