2023 PBA Springfield Classic Stepladder Finals

The stepladder finals of the 2023 PBA Springfield Classic feature Keven Williams, Sam Cooley, François Lavoie and Jakob Butturff.

Originally streamed live on BowlTV February 11, 2023 from Enterprise Park Lanes in Springfield, Missouri.

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27 Comments on “2023 PBA Springfield Classic Stepladder Finals”

  1. Absolutely love that you guys are putting these on tv. Only wish there was something on YouTube to get a feeling of the qualifying rounds.

    1. @The Crusty Ledge I’d say 80% of the people pay for their tv channels now, myself I have an antenna which costs me nothing

    1. @Jake Snussbuster I didn’t read the comments it was literally in the preview of comments when I opened the video…

    2. @Jake Snussbuster bro there’s no way I couldn’t have seen it it was right there when I clicked on the video😭

  2. It was a fantastic Stepladder Finals in the Springfield Classic especially the Close finishes in the Semi Final, and Title Matches.

  3. The question I have, after watching many, many bowlers and their body language, is this. Is there some kind of “real”, tangible connection to the ball and pins when we use our hands, legs and body to try to coerce the leave? I don’t know, but I’d like to think that after realizing that we all do it in some form or other, it would seem awfully silly if not. I know we are creatures of habit and we all tend to have some form of belief that our pre-throw routine makes us more consistent, but are we really having an effect on the outcome post-throw?

  4. If you are wondering why no one watches bowling anymore, this is why. It doesn’t air on any tv stations that people actually have. Plus, urethane makes it extremely boring to watch.

  5. What I wanna know is why on the major PBA events like the WSOB when they throw the ball its always 18-20 mph, 17 being on the slow side so they say anytime you watch these events like today their ball speed never reaches that unless its a spare shot Frankies strike ball is being measured at 14.8 mph if that was on a major telecast it would be 17-18 mph I just watched the Chetah show with Packy and his ball was being measured at 19 to 20 mph I’m subscribed to his channel and he never throws harder then about 16 he’s even stated that the hardest he can throw his strike ball is around 16 to 17 mph so why is the PBA inflating specs like ball speed??

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