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  1. That has to be the deepest I’ve seen Jesper play the lanes. In fact, unless my memory fails, that’s the deepest I’ve ever seen any lefty play.

  2. I know these matches are gimmicky and such, but it gives the players an extra-potential payday and the fans like it and plays well on TV.

    1. It gives the encouragement for the guys throughout the season since this event most likely is free to bowl and your most likely guaranteed extra money. The PBA league is the same way, if you come in dead last your still guaranteed $5,500 per player

  3. I for sure thought it was gonna be Ogle/Via in the finals. What a wild derby this year. Good stuff to Chris. Dude is a beast.

    Unrelated: Ms. Pressler 11/10 fit for the show.

  4. I’ve been waiting for this forever & it’s finally here!!!!! Poor Belmonte no boom for the Strike Derby. Andrew Anderson ‘21, Kyle Troop ‘22 & now Chris Via ‘23. Bring more for 2024!!!!

  5. Fun to watch. Pointless, but fun. Listening to Randy trying to make something out of not having time to wipe the ball between shots was exhausting.

    1. When I was there, it looked like they had at least 30 pins in each machine, and with the amount of pins in there, I think the weight somehow caused the cushion to get triggered.

  6. via had 12 seconds when his ball was about to hit the pins. he lost at least one shot because they didn’t give him an appropriate amount of time to compensate. it didn’t affect the outcome of the game, but still.

    1. In basketball. If the ball is out of the player’s hands and time runs out and the ball goes into the hoop. The basket is not counted.

    2. ​@Mke Hammondno.. it counts.. in basketball, as long as you release it before time is up, the basket will count.. same as in this

  7. This was a pretty good event. However IMO I feel and truly believe in the future it will be much better for the pros to do the strike derby on two pairs “4 lanes” clearly because the more a bowler strikes, the more time it will take for the pins to reset due to constant striking going on. Also I believe Kyle was done wrong because first off at 94/93 seconds the clock should have been stopped due to the rack. Then his last shot on the right lane, the clock should have been stopped at 11 or 10 secs also due to the rack moving slow but they kept it going. If they would have stopped it? He would have been able to get last shot for the win off vs having to go into a roll off against Marshall. If they including two extra lanes, things will go much more smoothly I believe and they could go left to right then back from right to left and then repeat. Lastly that was messed up that the rack randomly came down on Chris Via in the finals at 14 secs which usually doesn’t happen.

    1. Or a easier solution, more pins. If they used 30 instead of 22, it would almost guarantee a full rack every shot, and little delays

    2. @Tyler Hernandez yep indeed. You would think the Pba would have been got something small like this taken care of years ago vs not doing anything at all and constantly having this same issues over and over again 💯

  8. 16:17 ”Yeah, these youngsters does not have 4 kids like me, chasing the running kids around..
    ”…rolling balls around for years, and yeah… *this is just another monday afternoon for me right now!* ”
    *wow, strong words from BELMO. Let’s see if he can back it up! Imma edit the text after I see that if he can or not lol!*

    EDIT: 22:10 Yup. He couldn’t this time LOL !

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