2023 PBA Super Slam Cup – Preliminary Round

This show was televised on Fox Sports 1. The USBC, PBA, and FOX own all the rights, I do not. This upload is for those that don't have that channel available and would like to watch the show.
0:00 – Intro
2:51 – Round 1 (2nd Half)
16:17 – Break
18:20 – Round 2 (EJ Tackett)
28:36 – Break
29:50 – Round 2 (Jason Belmonte)
43:34 – Break
46:52 – Round 2 (Jakob Butturff)
57:22 – Break
58:05 – Round 2 (Kevin McCune)
1:07:39 – Break
1:09:49 – Round 2 (Anthony Simonsen)
1:17:45 – Conclusion
This weekend, five of the season’s premier talents convene on Bowlero Jupiter in Florida.

EJ Tackett, Jason Belmonte, Anthony Simonsen, Jakob Butturff and Kevin McCune will compete in the PBA Super Slam Cup presented by Bowlero to crown a champion among champions and award a $100,000 top prize.

The five superstars earned their spot in this non-title event through their excellence in major championships this season.

Tackett, Belmonte, Simonsen and McCune each won a major title this season; Tackett, in fact, won two.

At the PBA World Championship presented by Pabst Blue Ribbon, the top three finishers were Tackett, Belmonte and Simonsen — who had each already secured their spots in the Super Slam Cup. Therefore, Butturff earned the nomination as the fourth-place finisher.

On Saturday, a pair of seeding rounds will determine the lineup for Sunday’s stepladder finals. The players will first bowl a single game together on the TV pair, though the game will not be televised.

In the afternoon, players will bowl a single game by themselves, airing live on FS1 at 2 p.m. The unique setup provides an opportunity for greater insight and storytelling. Parts of the first preliminary game may be aired during the show.

Sunday’s finals (2 p.m. on FOX) will feature a traditional five-player stepladder format.

36 Comments on “2023 PBA Super Slam Cup – Preliminary Round”

  1. I really wanna see Kevin McCune shoot at the 7-10 or the Big Four but that won’t happen if he keeps striking this much on TV 😂

    1. So what! Simo is awesome. He brings excitement to the game because you never know what he’s going to do, like Pete Weber

  2. I like that the PBA is doing something different, but it’s not super interesting to see the same bowlers that were already on shows earlier in the season. The prize fund is pretty outrageous, too.

    1. Do you mean the prize money is outrageously low? I prefer the Playoffs instead of the Super Slam, but they used the playoff format in the Players Championship. And the TOC had too many people in the stepladder (17).

    2. @Keith Idota It’s quite high for such a small field of players. Sure, it’s exhibition, but man, that’s lifechanging money. Some PBA titles only have (or very recently had) only 10k attacked to them.

      It’s just weighting the pay even more severely to the top of the field. How the heck to the bowlers that don’t normally make shows even survive playing on tour? Those people are necessary for the PBA to survive, too.

    3. @Wheat and Steel PBA doesn’t make nearly enough money to provide larger prize funds for normal titles. To make this “exhibition” you had to win 1 of 5 majors. Very hard to do. I think the prize fund is fair.

    4. This is just the seeding round. The step ladder finals where they face off is the real attraction. That’s the best going head-to-head, which is what you want in any sport.

    5. @Applez I What I am saying is that the prize fund should perhaps be more fairly distributed across the players who regularly compete in the PBA. What “fair” is could be debated, but I think “fair” is such that the players outside the top 30 or 40 don’t need to work 2nd and 3rd jobs in order to survive. The prize fund for this event could help to do that rather than giving the money to the five people who already won the biggest paydays in the sport.

  3. I have no idea why more pros don’t use the Black Widow 2.0..That ball is like having a cheat code.

    1. From what I’ve heard from some of the pros who use Hammer products the 2.0 flares a bit more than those players like to see. These days the pros prefer to play straighter if at all possible and a sideways ball like the Widow 2.0 doesn’t provide the ideal look on most of the patterns.

  4. In the singles round McCune was said to use the Innovator solid on the left lane which is NOT true, and it’s not the collision either I think it’s the black widow so just wanted to point that out ^^

  5. Randy Pedersen said there were 20-25 PBA events in 1971, there were actually 32. Only 16 titled events this year, the Super Slam, Skills Challenge and PBA League do not count as official titles. There needs to be more in the summer and fall. These bowlers will have time to work in other jobs during the off-season.

  6. Great venue, appreciate the kids getting into the mix, good the see future King Pins…except the King Dork teenagers yelling nonsense.

  7. I wonder why the video started in the 6th frame of the first match. Thanks for the video still though 👍🏾

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