26 Comments on “2023 PBA Tournament of Champions – Stepladder 1 Finals”

  1. Just was watching the Fox highlights at the same time this video was uploaded; perfect timing!!

    Exceptional video Bowling Planet and hope you’re having a good 2023 so far! 📌

  2. I feel for Wes. He looks miserable. Rooting for him though. Would be an amazing story if he pulled this thing out.

  3. EJ is too good he’s at the number one seed already like I know he was going to be in television but I didn’t know he was going to be number one

  4. I’ll be honest I love the idea that we get to have 17 bowlers on television in 3 days to performing qualification to make things more challenging for them to make it to the finals so I actually love this format so we can have more players to be on television instead of 5 or even 4 so this is a good idea

    1. Yeah I would never complain if they wanted to at least do this with majors.

      I think it’s actually a really good idea for majors.

  5. I think this format is extremely good. Normally if you finished 13-17 get your check and beat buddy. At least you still have a shot at 1st from 17th with this format. In addition, we as fans get to watch more bowling!!!!

  6. I really like Tim Gruendler’s game, so smooth 👌
    I don’t agree with the Kris Prather comparison though, I think it’s even better in my opinion.
    Sucks about Wes’ back injury though. Was quite an emotional speech from him going in, great to see him back on TV. Let’s go Wes!! ✊

  7. 25:49 Bella Love Castillo on the right…any top notch collegiate bowling program would be lucky to have her on their team.

  8. Man I can only imagine what Wes is going through. Idk if he will make it all the way, but I would definitely love to be proven wrong. We’re rooting for ya Big Nasty. 🙏

  9. So close Packy. Packy just needs to realize he belongs in the top tier of bowling he’s got all the talent.

    1. Pack is one of those players who somehow fails on the big stage. When he wins a PBA title it will be extra special for him.

    2. @Kurt Wetzel I think once he gets his first the flood gates will open. He’s a great guy great for the sport. You could tell even the announcers believe he belongs week in week out at the top of the game.

  10. I bowl with Packy and Francois from time to time at Wichita State at the union’s 8-lane bowling alley. They’re nice people and they’ve helped my game, too.

  11. Kris Prather with a wrist injury still has a better physical game than 99% of us when we’re at our absolute best 😂

  12. I just want to add, while I am sad to see Bosoares no longer planning to upload any PBA videos, I’m happy to see you carrying the torch BP. You and Bosoares have been absolute lifesavers as I live in Australia and don’t have access to Fox, so for that, I shall give you both my greatest thanks in the best way I know how…
    ☕#coffeeforbp ☕ #coffeeforbosoares

  13. Thanks for putting this up so quick now im caught up for tonight! So nice to see the big nasty back, hes the only guy i will always root for when hes on tv

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