2023 PBA Tournament of Champions – Stepladder 3 Finals

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  1. Hello Bowling Planet, I’m really sorry to hear about the PBA going on a full copyright strike; moreso with the intention to “Please Ban All” bowling channels copying the matches, which is extremely pathetic!

    1. Seriously, they have several PBA bowlers that vlog and release content the day after they bowl but these channels don’t bother to capitalize on any of that hype and instead live 20 years stuck in the past thinking it’s fine to only upload this kind of stuff weeks after the fact. The PBA and even BowlTV/USBS seriously need to find a way to really step up their turn around on the content. They might as well work with this channel rather than just demonizing it and continuing to make themselves look like the out of touch parent they are.

    2. i remember norm from a long time ago he makes a fee for broadcasting he talks well/woud be randys alternate started watching this and bowl tv recently idont know how the fans did this when covid was going sitting next to each other i dont use a tv set senior from new york

    3. PBA needs to get out of their own way and support ppl prompting a sport that is still on the verge of dying out.

      How about giving certain channels like this to exclusive rights and content and work out a money deal. They already losing tv coverage, to stop YTers is stupid.

      They are gonna destroy their own sport.

    4. If they made it possible to watch the events from outside USA then there would be no need for these replays to exist.

    5. Just a big supporter to Bowling Planet who knows how to post this video because fans don’t have cable television & I basically don’t have one either. But to PBA Bowling whose on a verge to losing supporters with ban this or ban a uploaded version to this event, remember when VCR & PBA bowling that you taped it every Saturday? Fans here like bowling & they like it a lot. Banning people from uploading bowling is like throwing a gutter & stepping on the foul line.

  2. Andrew was just throwing the ball completely too fast and hard against Belmo. On this Don Carter pattern, you gotta be smooth even though you gotta make sure not to get too wide or miss inside. It’s tough!!!

  3. 30:04 Pedersen: “He can make [the 3-pin] with his eyes closed.”
    Duke, after Kent misses it: “He should’ve closed them.”

    Poor Kent. Everything just went downhill for him in the match after that blunder.

  4. Belmo was a goat 🐐 he was sitting in 51st place climbed up to 20th and finishes 4th what a legend πŸ‘

    1. Thank you so much for your videos!!! And I have unfortunately a grief, I was diagnosed with cancer.I need an expensive treatment, this is the only cure. I have created a channel, and am trying to move in this direction, but so far little luck((πŸ™v

  5. 22:22 Man, I’ve been waiting SO LONG to hear somebody _finally_ say this in PBA commentary!!!… ** πŸ˜­πŸ€£πŸ’€

    1. @FireMarble Films True that… that moment right there just sealed the deal for my new #1 PBA commentator!! πŸ˜‚

  6. Great show! Love it! Doesent make it any less greater that Belmo is moving on. Kyle almost looked like he might get the better of him, but tbh I dont think Kyle has the greatest mental game. He just gets way too emotional imho. He gets a strike, and he is all the way up there shouting all the way out to the crowd high-fiving everyone, and next he throws a bad one, and he is all the way down. You want to learn to keep your emotions in check. Just my humble opinion ofcourse. Hes not a quiter tho i’ll give him that. He doesent give up easy, and he made it a match

  7. Thank you so much for the show. I really appreciated it since I’m in the service. Keep up the great work.

  8. The PBA is not unusual to drama and disruption, akin to all professional sports. Power and greed always mess up the major with insignificant minor intents.

  9. Rob your not a sports psychologist, hearing you analyze what’s going through Kyle’s mind after 2 frames is comical.🀫🀐
    I appreciate the humourπŸ€”πŸ€”

  10. I like Troupe a lot, but it would have been crazy for him to beat Belmo with that godawful Brooklyn strike in the 10th. It wasn’t even a “normal” Brooklyn, but a shot high through the nose that somehow carried the 6-10 with ridiculous pin action. Of course the pin action gods giveth and taketh away, because his next ball was perfect flush and he got that ring 10 to lose. Amazing.

  11. RobRandy on a totally different page when Norm was talking about Belmo intimidation effect. Norm sees it as Andrew Anderson feeling the Belmo effect, Rob/Randy saying belmo lost it

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