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  1. Makes you wonder what would have happened if Kyle Troup had switched to the reactive ball a frame or two earlier when he played Belmo. He was in the pocket with every shot after the change, and the game was VERY close after his comeback. *Thanks for posting these @Bowling Planet!*

  2. Spoiler Alert:

    I already knew Belmo wasn’t human, but this solidified it. Bowling so many amazing games to make the cut, then bowling more amazing games to win. What more can I say other than he will be the greatest bowler to ever live once it’s all said and done.

    1. Lmao Belmo is a human like everyone else. He does everything just like others and one day will die like everyone else

  3. I couldn’t watch earlier due to circumstances. Thanks for posting! I knew the other day Belmo was on a mission to dominate! A truly historic come back. And kudos to EJ and all the others others. Tough lane conditions!

  4. BELMO IS BACK BABY!!!! You can never count this guy out. You have to love and appreciate his greatness. What a competitor!!!!

    1. Belmo is great, EJ right now still is the one for MVP unless Belmo or someone else starts to get on track and win more events πŸ’―

  5. Just wanted to say thanks for posting all of these matches. Things get a little hectic sometimes and it’s nice knowing exactly where I need to go to watch what I missed.

  6. Ej actually didn’t bowl a bad match whatsoever. He moved left into the early hook that Belmo created. Then when he got it to the spot downlane, it took off because that’s where Belmo started. Ej would’ve had to ball down and get steeper like Belmo, but there’s no way that he could’ve known that it was going to burn up that quickly.

    1. Yep. I’d say they are my fav rivals as of now. Always competitive when these two are on the lanes

  7. Belmo is incredible. His calm demeanor and focus really drove him to this big win. I also love how they extended the stepladder so we could have so much more bowling. Big congrats to Belmo. πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ˜πŸ’–

  8. Everyone struggled then came Belmo and made this condition look like a league condition. Freaking phenomenal bowler to say the least – and he is only starting to be in his prime.

  9. Jesus belmo is a monster…he has a youtube channel now and I can’t wait to see the next vlog to see what he has to say

  10. EJ, what an amazing run you are on. 3 wins in a row, and the final of the TOC. Anyone but Belmo and you win it for 4 in a row, including two majors…lol. Lets keep this awesome run going next week. It took the greatest ever to beat you. But no one can touch your gorgeous delivery! The best in bowling history by far! You are a rock star!

  11. BOOM! Belmo you are the MAN! What an amasing run! Mayor trauma to every pin on the deck, and the entire world of bowling. Belmo is BACK!

  12. I’m a Belmo fan and happy for him winning his 15th major. Felt bad for EJ losing though. The lane conditions were difficult.

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