2023 PBA Tournament of Champions Stepladder Finals 1 of 4

The first four matches of the 17-player stepladder from the 2023 PBA Tournament of Champions feature Kris Prather, Wes Malott, Tim Gruendler, François Lavoie and Packy Hanrahan.

Originally aired live on FS1 March 17, 2023 from AMF Riviera Lanes in Fairlawn, Ohio.

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30 Comments on “2023 PBA Tournament of Champions Stepladder Finals 1 of 4”

    1. ​@Kren Benz Like what? They have a history of uploading events ridiculously later than they were live.

    1. Two handed is the new style. You can start the kids younger, generate more revs, and more power, easier. I’m a one handed bowler myself, average 220, all my friends are starting into the game two handed. Its hard not to when your watching Kyle troup and packy hanrahan, and Anthony simonsen, and jason belmonte. I think people should be more respectful to the evolution of the sport.

    1. The Stepladder Bowling is when the lowest seeded Bowler bowls against the High seeded bowler to move on to face another Bowler.

    1. the 2 semis foemat is good they get a break also the womens do it i think the nascar event was a non bowling center in phonix recently saw people standing

  1. I F’ing love Rob. Managing to wiggle in some cultural appropriation while talking about lively sideboards and pin action, and then 3 mins later, bragging on how awesome it is being rich. We need MORE of this in sports, not less. /Not being sarcastic.

    1. saw brandon bohn he blows the pins apartlike parker also a kid named street 2 hands 300 game and he uses the elbow to crank it up girl 13 bella good also

    2. yes norm will cover or be with randy parker is ok also wasnt watching these videos before saw the old abc espn ones a long time ago the pba bowl tv shows are good they have cameras only from the back dorin ballard and mike flangan mcs

  2. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ파키한러아한 월터레이윌리엄스주니어 두손자세를 무조건 모른다니깐!!!!!

  3. Me realizing this isn’t coverage of the Masters -> 🙁

    If it wasn’t for all these bowlers having YouTube channels I’d have no idea what’s going on in the bowling world

  4. At 0:37, the “Madison Square Garden” of bowling? Rob… the last time when PBA Bowling was at Madison Square Garden Lanes & it was back in 1974, honestly for the PBA, they need to bring back the fans back to MSG, they never had a tournament championship here in NYC, if Nelson Burton Jr. was watching you said that, he should teach you a lesson about the history of the PBA & he’s know as the Hall of Famer. How come FOX Sports & the PBA NEVER did a four lane event? I can recall when ESPN did the event & it was at a baseball field back in 2007. If you want the biggest fans & you want a sold out event. Just return back to MSG & be historical once again like ABC does it from the early 70’s. And get Tom Clark to visit the arena.

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