2023 PBA US Open – Match Play Finals

0:00 – Intro
5:43 – Match #1
30:14 – Match #2
51:16 – Match #3
1:10:13 – Match #4

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24 Comments on “2023 PBA US Open – Match Play Finals”

  1. Thank you so very much for uploading this. I been waiting all week for this. That page bosoares says he won’t upload the Pba videos anymore and Pba Bowling hasn’t uploaded it yet. 👏🏾😀

    1. @Dillon Appodaca lol tell me about it. I have a tv but don’t have cable only local channels and watchfree tv based on the Vizio tv I have 😂

  2. Thank you so much for the upload! It’ll be taken down for sure, but I appreciate you posting the shows for those who aren’t able to watch it live.

    Edit: Also, I had no idea Snodgrass and Knowles were 1. From Michigan and 2. Grew up close to where I live.

  3. Great to see a post from you again, Bowl TV wasn’t able to stream the stepladder match for international viewers, so thank you for uploading this! 😌🎳

  4. Thank you so much! It’s a shame there’s no other way to watch the replays until the league posts it in a month or two… my tv subscription lets me watch live, but the login doesn’t let me get a replay through the network…

  5. Thank you for posting for us… Hope they don’t give you any trouble… Are there other options or places to watch it if we miss these shows live?

    1. @Bowling Planet According to Bowl TV when I asked if the stepladder match would be available to watch for international viewers after it had concluded on the platform, I was told the PBA would upload it to their YouTube channel “in approximately 7 days”. So perhaps they are allowing for more flexibility this season.

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