2023 PBA USA vs. The World – Show 2 of 2

This show was televised on Fox Sports 1. The USBC, PBA, and FOX own all the rights, I do not. This upload is for those that don't have that channel available and would like to watch the show.
0:00 – Intro
7:09 – Baker Doubles Match – Simonsen/Tackett vs. Belmonte/Svensson
28:23 – Alternate Doubles Match – Troup/Jones vs. Cooley/Barrett
48:12 – Break
54:01 – Baker Team Match (Game 1)
1:14:55 – Baker Team Match (Game 2)
The World Series of Bowling XIV got underway at the iconic Holler House near Milwaukee on Saturday afternoon. Jason Belmonte, the Australian star representing the World Team, defeated the United States’ Tommy Jones in the Captains’ Round.

Tom Haefke, one of the owners of Holler House, hand-oiled the lanes. The lane conditions are among the traditions that Holler House seeks to preserve; the ball return and pinsetter were operated by hand as well.

“It’s an incredible place to be, because of how old it is and all of the little nuances that you don’t get anywhere else in the world,” Belmonte said. “It feels underground. It feels like you're in a cage match where no one's supposed to know what's going on.”

Belmonte struck in five of his first six frames, which powered him to a 231-185 victory. Jones couldn't keep up with Belmonte, but was content with his score on the unique lane conditions.

“If you would’ve told me that I was going to shoot 185, I would have taken it,” Jones said. “I would sit right there and let him bowl. But he’s the best in the world for a reason.”

The match determined lane choice and lineup selection order for the televised rounds of the USA vs. The World event.

Earlier in the season, Jones selected Anthony Simonsen to join the U.S. team as his captain’s selection; Belmonte chose Sweden’s Jesper Svensson.

EJ Tackett and Kyle Troup later joined the U.S. team as the two highest Americans in points following the PBA Tournament of Champions, while England’s Dom Barrett and Australia’s Sam Cooley were the highest international players in points.

Jones selected himself to start the first day of televised competition, airing next Saturday, April 15 at 2:30 p.m. ET on FOX.

“I like to play a little straighter than those guys, so I felt like we’d be able to follow the transition a bit better,” Jones said.

When The World team met to discuss strategy, Cooley told Belmonte: “I want Tommy.” Cooley said he grew up watching and trying to emulate Jones’ game.

Jones elected to Kyle Troup bowl second and Belmonte paired him with Svensson, Troup’s Tour roommate, who boasts a strong track record against Troup.

“My game has been decent (this season), obviously not the best but normally it doesn’t take my best to beat Kyle,” Svensson said.

Jones saved his best for last, calling Simonsen and Tackett the two hottest bowlers on Tour. He chose to have Simonsen bowl third and Tackett close.

Belmonte decided he would face Simonsen and Barrett would take on Tackett, setting up a pair of rematches from earlier telecasts this season. Belmonte defeated Simonsen in the Tournament of Champions semifinal, while Tackett beat Barrett in the PBA Shawnee Classic title match.

“I have a strong record against both, but ultimately I think Anthony probably would rather not play me and we wanted to make him feel uncomfortable,” Belmonte said.

The WSOB XIV kicks into high gear on Sunday with the start of PBA Cheetah Championship qualifying. Players will bowl five games at noon ET and another five-game round at 7 p.m. ET. All qualifying rounds will be livestreamed on BowlTV.

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