2023 PBA World Championship Finals

0:00 – Intro
3:30 – Match #1 – Belmonte vs. Tahvanainen
21:23 – Break
23:53 – Match #2 – Butturff
43:06 – Match #3 – Simonsen
1:03:28 – Break
1:06:47 – Championship Match

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27 Comments on “2023 PBA World Championship Finals”

    1. this is wierd the odds to win are different than my community post
      EJ Tackett -118
      Anthony Simonsen +225
      Jakob Butturff +500
      Jason Belmonte +750
      Santu Tahvanainen +1400
      My comunity post shows the odds is
      EJ Tackket 50%
      Anthony Simonsen 7%
      Jakob Butturff 7%
      Jason Belmonte 14%
      Santu Tahvanainen 21%
      why is the votes and the odds so different than on TV?

  1. OMG thx so much for uploading the 2023 World Championship. This time I have not seen Fox’s video yet so screw them!

    Huge congratulations to “_____” on their well-deserved World Championship title as well [no spoilers obviously]!

  2. I haven’t started watching YET.
    Belmo – Santuu = Belmo Wins,
    Belmo – Jakob = Belmo Wins,
    Belmo – Anthony = Belmo Wins,
    Belmo – EJ = EJ Wins!

    EDIT: Well then!! Let’s see what happens! See you all after 1 hour and 30 mins!

    1. @Bowling Planet Thanks man! Took a quick dinner break.
      Paused the video and started cooking! Let’s see what happens!

      P.S: *You Sir, Are a TRUE LEGEND ! Thank you SO DARN MUCH for these contents!*

  3. I give this show a 5 star show, a 10/10, the 2023 PBA World Championship Finals is the greatest, close games for all 4 matches of this show, great competion finals, everything was amazing.

  4. i was expecting the final strike for tackett to be a loser shot just like what happen to walter ray in 2009 against patrick allen, thank god that didn’t happen

  5. man tackett has come a long way in learning to control his ball not just try to throw it as fast as he can

  6. Great match….not so cool at the end when EJ went over to his family and his father said “Boom.”

  7. What a match from Belmo and Tackett. Little sad that Belmo lost, but glad to see EJ keep dominating like he has! Congrats to EJT!

  8. Im a huge Belmo Fan but EJ deserves it and with this win, he has to be player of the year πŸ™‚

  9. If anyone wanted to know Jason has 15 major wins they only mentioned it 30 times or so. πŸ˜‚

  10. Congratulations EJ on your 4th Major win!!

    There’s one more major championship left and I’m rooting for Belmo, EJ, or Simo to win. Specifically Belmo, he’s the #1 bowler.

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