2023 PBA World Championship Stepladder Finals | WSOB XIV

The stepladder finals of the 2023 PBA World Championship feature EJ Tackett, Anthony Simonsen, Jakob Butturff, Santtu Tahvanainen and Jason Belmonte.

Originally aired live on FS1 April 23, 2023 from Bowlero Wauwatosa in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin.

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26 Comments on “2023 PBA World Championship Stepladder Finals | WSOB XIV”

  1. I’m a Belmo fan but I gotta give it to EJ for winning. It was a really close game and both Belmo & EJ fought hard for the title.

    1. @suciolife right. I wish there was a way to hide comments. It wouldnt be a big deal if the comments didnt show without clicking on the comments. Ofcouse the comment that shows is spoiling the video smfh.

  2. Well , not gonna lie these guys are fun to watch but it would be great if some events, even on the national tour could have players with styles like Mike Aulby , Norm Duke etc making the show, it appears to totally favor the chuckers more often than not. What would Earl think…lol

  3. The World Championship was one of the best Stepladder Finals in the 2023 Season on the Pba Tour.

  4. Congrats! Nice to see a one handed bowler win!! EJ has the eye of the tiger!! It was just a matter of time.

  5. i was expecting EJ to mess up at the end, even when he needed 2 strikes to win, when he got the first strike, i thought he was gonna lose just like what happen to walter ray vs patrick allen in 2009, witch thank god that didn’t happen, this show was the best, and i love it all, 10/10

    1. He needed the first 2 strikes in the 10th to win for at least 2 other titles this year. He has been clutch in 2023.

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