2023 PBA50 Morgantown Classic Stepladder Finals

The stepladder finals of the 2023 PBA50 Morgantown Classic feature Tom Hess, Jason Couch, Dan Knowlton, Michael Haggitt and Troy Lint.

Originally streamed live on BowlTV August 4, 2023 from Suburban Lanes in Morgantown, West Virginia.

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16 Comments on “2023 PBA50 Morgantown Classic Stepladder Finals”

  1. PbaBowling, Thank you for Uploading the Stepladder Finals of the Pba50 Morgantown Classic. Also, Does Troy Lint like Bowling on the Mike Aulby Pattern?

  2. Been loving the show team but I gotta tell you: The pulsing score sheet is gonna end up giving someone a seizure. Don’t know if it’s an effect or frame rate issue. Regardless, it’s potentially a serious problem.

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