25 Comments on “2023 USBC Masters – Contenders Round”

    1. it sure is, cant imagine with the surgery and all having to work it back up to pro level . go kyle go!

  1. So very excited to see my Boy Michael Martell on Sunday. Best thing is, if I cannot catch the live broadcast, I know will be able to watch it here.

  2. I’ve been following Kyle and Brad’s YouTube channel and they are funny but they have taught me a lot nice win Kyle against Smallwood you were locked in and you look very professional I might add

  3. Kyle when I watched the day before when Barnes had that oops after strike. I saw that shot in tenth maybe a little slow? I thought no cuz you said it happens to us and you almost picked it up!!! But how you regained composure and stayed in moment was fantastic. Great finish. Now I know why you have to have short memory!!! Good luck Sunday and you like your in a zone. Keep it going COME ON!!!

  4. I’m sure by now the production realizes that when Randy’s mic is off we can still pick up what he’s saying through the other announcer’s mic? I guess Fox Sports doesn’t care unless he curses which I’m sure even off mic he’s careful not to do. Great show today!

  5. I am surprised Randy didn’t bring this up, though at the point I am at in the video I suppose he still could. A couple of months ago, Kyle couldn’t even throw a ball and here he is contending for a major.

  6. I jus got into serious bowling about a year ago and I’ve been following the Brad and Kyle YouTube channel they’ve taught me a lot great to see him win I was tuned in on every shot πŸ˜‚ can’t wait until Sunday congratulations…


  8. Kyle rollin some serious coconuts! Coming back from injuries and surgery hevm definitely deserves it!

  9. Kyle Sherman is so clutch. Dude keeps winning by 1 pin like its his job. It feels like the kind of run that has destiny behind it. Hope he crushes in the finals!

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