2024 PBA Elite League – Round 2

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23 Comments on “2024 PBA Elite League – Round 2”

  1. Perfect timing on this video. I had just missed this on TV in the late night time slot. A few minutes later, it appears at the top of my YT subs feed. Keep up the good work Bowling Planet.

  2. Thee gutterballs in a single match… what in the world 😅

    Also is it just me or did these lanes get absolutely cliffed late? Tim Mack was like, “OK everyone, let’s just all use urethane” and that just absolutely destroyed the left lane

  3. I appreciate you uploading these. I work Sundays and there is almost nothing to do lol. So this is what I watch before league tonight!

  4. “is there such a thing as too much Urethane?” So great to have comentators that have no idea of what this game is about.

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