2024 PBA Players Championship Stepladder Finals | Full PBA on FOX Telecast

The stepladder finals of the 2024 PBA Players Championship feature Tom Smallwood, Bill O'Neill, Nate Stubler, Ryan Barnes and Chris Via.

Originally aired live on FOX January 15, 2024 from Bowlero Northrock in Wichita, Kansas.

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12 Comments on “2024 PBA Players Championship Stepladder Finals | Full PBA on FOX Telecast”

  1. not bad show, ryan barnes proved his skills in match 1, and match 2 was dramatic ending seeing that nate should of won that match, but it is what it is if you don’t strike on the last ball but good match, and match 3 bill was just lucky to win that match is ryan didn’t miss the 10 pin on the first frame still an okay match, to bad tom smallwood and bill o”niel are passed there prime and that final match was real sloppy seeing how bad they were not making good shots, but bill had to do what he had to do, both men were in there 40s and both were former players champion, so good job for bill winning after 4 years since his last win on players championship
    I’m giving this show an 8 out of 10 or as i would say a B Grade

    1. I am going to take issue with you saying Bill and Tom are “passed there prime.” Smallwood was top seed and Bill was the second seed in this major. I’d say they are still doing fine. Bill, in particular, has been consistently successful across tournaments in recent years. Bowlers in their 40s often do very well on tour, in fact.

      Anyway, the last game was exactly that, one game. It’s difficult to judge someone’s overall skill when considering one isolated game with the players being under extreme pressure and in an unusual setting. If you haven’t done so, I’d suggest you watch the match play portion of this tournament. Both bowlers were awesome in this tournament.

    2. One thing for sure is Bill and Tom have more talent when they were younger, now, and when they are about to die than you will ever have foxwolf316.

    3. Bill got pretty lucky with that critical Brooklyn. But hey, breaks are part of bowling. It was just his day.

  2. PbaBowling, Thank you for uploading the Stepladder Finals of the 2024 Pba Players Championship. Also, Did Bill O’Neill faced Tom Smallwood in the 2nd Semi Final Match of the Pba World Championship that is held in Northrock Lanes in Wichita, Kansas during the 2009-2010 Season on the Pba Tour that you upload on Youtube?

  3. If you made Chris Barnes 30 years younger, had him bowl 2-handed, and give him a deadly stare that reflects an ultra high level of intensity, you would get Ryan Barnes. This kid, if his arms don’t fall off mysteriously, will be someone to reckon with in the PBA for the next 20 years.

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