299 and 300 during Round 2 at the 2022 USBC Team USA Trials

Chris McMillan and Tyler Betz caused some fireworks in Round 2 at the 2022 Team USA Trials, as both made a run at the event's first 300 game. Check out their final frames from Gold Coast in Las Vegas!

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23 Comments on “299 and 300 during Round 2 at the 2022 USBC Team USA Trials”

  1. Oh my god, Chris’ lay down is everything I aspire to do. I hope he continues to have success, and gets that 300 during trials.

  2. A bowler licks their hand and applies this moisture to the bottom of the sliding sole to lessen there slide on slippery approaches. (USBC says that this a clear violation of Rule 12)

    1. Jason Sterner spits on his hand and wipes it on his shoe before every shot. I wonder why no one ever got on his case about it during the televised PBA events last year.

  3. Both of them put it through the face and got a strike. I am sure there were other bowlers who didn’t get so lucky but executed much better.

  4. Nice shooting Chris, always love watching you bowl while we are at Brad’s for dinner or practicing!

  5. I can tell Chris puts in a lot of work into his game. Hope he continues to improve and may this experience inspire him to continue his passion for bowling.

  6. Couldn’t even see the final messenger pin 🙁 I am sure it rolled over and knocked it down though

  7. Pretty sure Chris is a buffalo ny guy……smooth af…..he never used to be this good when we bowled at airport tho lmfaoooo

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