299 for Shannon O’Keefe during Rd. 3 at the 2022 USBC Team USA Trials

It appears longtime Team USA member Shannon O'Keefe is enjoying her new equipment!

Check out the run she went on during Day 3 of the 2022 USBC Team USA Trials in Las Vegas. It's the highest game of the week for the women at the Gold Coast Bowling Center!

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29 Comments on “299 for Shannon O’Keefe during Rd. 3 at the 2022 USBC Team USA Trials”

    1. It’s because the girl on the right stood there, ball in arm, with no consideration. She should know better.
      If you see someone going for a perfect game, you do not stand up on the opposite lane of their last frame waiting with your ball in hand to bowl your frame. You be respectful and courteous, whether pro, rookie, or in league. Open public is a different story, but come on! Was no one else as mad about this as I was??

    2. @Ĺinda Eaton I know you’re not asking me, but I don’t think it would have bothered HER, I mean that’s Shannon, she’s an assassin. But me? It might have caught my eye. Then again, I don’t particularly like a crowd of people watching me bowl. I can feel those eyes and darts sometimes lol

    3. @Curtis L I doubt she even knew that girl was standing there. People read so much into things it makes me laugh.

    4. @Ĺinda Eaton I don’t think people get freaked out about a 300 in a tournament with a bunch of pros and high level amateurs. It just is what it is, someone has the nut every game somewhere

  1. thats my gurl nice rolling that phaze 2 and catching a break then not catching a break well done!!!!!!!!!

  2. She goes from killing it with her gamebreaker to killing it with storms version of a gamebreaker. I just wonder what she will do with her stash of gb2s, 3s and 4s

  3. It’s amazing how many times I’ve seen that exact scenario. Throw a not so good ball on the 10th and luck into a strike, then bury the 11th and bury the 12th for a 9 count. Bowling is a sport of a lot of skill, and a lot of luck.

  4. I can’t say it enough, the PWBA bowlers are so much more enjoyable to watch than the men on the PBA tour these days. I hope they get more airtime on Fox this year.

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