30 Years of PDW (Pete Weber Tribute)

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This is a tribute to the PBA 10-pin bowling great PDW, who joined the PBA tour in 1979/80. Love him or hate him, Pete Weber has a passion for winning, and possesses one of the purest swings in the game.

He has won 37 PBA titles from 1982 to 2013, including 10 majors and a record 5 US Opens (and the Triple Crown twice!). Weber also owns a PBA record 47 PBA Regional titles, and has bowled 66 PBA 300 games.

To date, his career prize money earnings are $3,610,165.

Personal: Peter David Weber… Son of bowling legend Dick Weber… Resides in St. Ann, Mo., with wife Tracy and three children… Nickname is "PDW"… Superstitions include sitting in the same spot the same way when bowling well, not having Tracy wear red on TV and folding his towel the same way…Near-scratch player in golf…Likes to follow all the St. Louis sports teams… Is a huge WWE fan.

Awards: PBA Rookie of the Year (1980)… George Young High Average Award (1989)… PBA Hall of Fame (1998)… USBC Hall of Fame (2002).

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20 Comments on “30 Years of PDW (Pete Weber Tribute)”

  1. @001GenLee Yeah! Maybe he read “Mullet – Hairstyle of the Gods” and proceeded to win a million bucks on tour.

  2. He’s like the real life version of Big Earn out of Kingpin! Always good to see athletes that aren’t the cliche modest type.

  3. You have to update this video now that Pete just won the US Open again!!! … btw when are you doing another bad breaks video .. those are classics

  4. Pete’s the man. Love him or hate him A) he can bowl B) he’s not boring C) he’s about the only guy who can get away with it I always look forward to watching him bowl.

  5. Wow Guppy Troup… I haven’t heard that name in years. I went to school with his son who actually is one of the few with a 300 at the local house.

  6. You have to respect PDW! This guy has a funny wild side when he bowls. That’s why I nicknamed him Pete “The Wild Man” Weber.

  7. The crotch chops had me lol’ing. Didn’t realize he was an honorary member of Degeneration X in the 90s.

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