7-10s on 7-10 | All Four PBA Televised 7-10 Split Conversions

The 7-10 split has been converted four times on PBA national telecasts. Mark Roth converted the split in the 1980 ARC Alameda Open. 11 years later, John Mazza made the 7-10 in the 1991 Bud Light Classic. Later that season, Jess Stayrook picked up the split in the 1991 Tucson Open. All these conversions took place before the fourth player to do it was even born. Anthony Neuer made the 7-10 split in the 2021 U.S. Open.

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27 Comments on “7-10s on 7-10 | All Four PBA Televised 7-10 Split Conversions”

    1. Then John Mazza, Jess Stayrook and Anthony Neuer are the only lefties to convert the 7-10 as well on televised events.

  1. Out of these four televised 7-10 conversions, the latest one from Anthony Neuer is the most impressive. The pinsetter used in the 2021 U.S. Open was a “GSX Pinsetter”, which usually is almost mpossible to bounce out pins from it due to its very loose curtains, but somehow Anthony Neuer pulled it off flawlessly.

    The other 3 televised 7-10 conversions were still legendary and unbelievable to watch as well, especially the 3rd one being 30 yeears ago!!

  2. Fun fact Neuer is the only one that went for his non side pin (lefty it’s the 10 pin righty is the 7 pin)

  3. Anthony Neuer is that not only he converts the 7-10 first time in 30 Years but also he’s the first PBA Pro that converts it on a Brunswick GSX Pinsetter on TV, the GSX is the hardest pinsetter to get any pins flying out of the pit because the pit curtain and pit cushion were separated from each other. The last 3 Pros that converted the 7-10 before on tv were all on easy pinsetters (Roth & Stayrook on Brunswick A2 and Mazza on AMF 82-70) since the pit curtain and pit cushion were connected.

  4. Still cant believe I just saw that 7-10 split conversion, like I’ve always wanted to see that on TV, that day was just amazing, definitely after almost 30 years, it was totally worth it for a lot of bowling fans, a day that i will never forget!!! JUST INSANEEEEEEEEEE

  5. It’s amazing to see the transition from the old days of bowing to the atmosphere of bowing now.

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