78′ PBA Pro Bowlers Tour Nelson Bo Burton Jr. vs. Mark Roth : AMF Grand Prix

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78' PBA Pro Bowlers Tour Nelson Bo Burton Jr. vs. Mark Roth : AMF Grand Prix


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30 Comments on “78′ PBA Pro Bowlers Tour Nelson Bo Burton Jr. vs. Mark Roth : AMF Grand Prix”

    1. get your eyes checked bud you just made a fool of yourself(which i’m sure isnt the 1st time)

    2. Roth was classless? I’ve never seen it. He was an icon of the game and up there with the greatest. Probably the most popular bowler of all time.

    3. NBC did a poor job pacing the telecast and had everyone scrambling around at the end to fit in the check presentation. Roth was fine, but obviously disappointed.

    4. The telecast obviously ran long. Burton threw his first shot in the tenth the same time Roth is throwing his last ball on the other lane. After Burton’s last shot as he is walking back they are scrambling up to him on the approach, turning on the lights, and handing him the money and trophy. Roth had to get out of the way.

  1. Interesting to see Anthony and Roth miss 4 simple spares between them in 2 games. We forget now that back then the commentator Jay Robinson was a hot bowler. He’s a good commentator. using the word “churn” to describe Roth’s ball. The female commentator was ahead of her time and a bit riskee when she complimented the bods and looks of the male bowlers. Thanks for posting.

    1. @Mary Lynn Johnson-Kerker
      Oh, he is Jewish. I am Armenian, and Mark Roth does look like someone I knew very well when I was a kid.

    2. Mark Roth looked like a bowler. Rude to comment on his looks. Hate to see what you’d write about a person of color.

  2. Thanks for sharing this. It’s good to see bowlers from the past with form and style like Nelson Burton Jr., etc.

  3. This is bowling. These two-handed goombas today couldn’t even keep the ball on the lane with the 24 foot short oil they’re bowling on here.

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