82′ Kessler Classic Earl Anthony vs Steve Fehr

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PBA Pro Bowlers Tour Kessler Classic Earl Anthony vs Steve Fehr

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28 Comments on “82′ Kessler Classic Earl Anthony vs Steve Fehr”

  1. It looks like the winners of the couples bratwurst eating contest are seated directly behind the bowlers.

  2. Always thought that Earl had an unfair advantage in being Left Handed. There aren’t as many Lefties as there are Right Handed Players so the left hand side of the Lanes aren’t as beat up as the right side and the ball rolls truer and the oil doesn’t break down as bad are as fast, so once he’s found the pocket he just gets locked in and doesn’t have to make adjustments during the matches.

    1. He won plenty of tournaments when other lefties didn’t even get a sniff of the Top 24. He really was the best…

  3. I used to watch pro bowling Saturday mornings and Earl Anthony was certainly a favorite of mine. He always bowled with such control. I don’t remember this match nor do I remember Earl ever leaving two opened it frames In a game.
    What a great first championship win this was for Steve Fehr against a great champion.d

  4. Earl anthony will forever be the best bowler in the history of the game nobody will get 41 titles in 14 years again i mean nobody

  5. Thank Steve Ferh,western bowl and your skills from lanes to play on the lanes guided me well .I’m still 100,000 up

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