85 Quaker State: Mike Durbin vs. Walter Ray Williams Jr pt1

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The date was January 26, 1985 at the Forum Bowl, Grand Praire, Texas for the $150,000 Quaker State Open. Here is the semi-final match between #4 qualifier Mike Durbin and #2 qualifier Walter Ray Williams, Jr. I hope you enjoy the show. Let's join Chris Schenkel and Nelson Burton, Jr.

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13 Comments on “85 Quaker State: Mike Durbin vs. Walter Ray Williams Jr pt1”

  1. Is it just me of is WRW not moving his head as much as he has been lately? He seems more still…

  2. I don’t think you’ll see ANY right-hander do that again! lol

    I still can’t figure that out… only reason would be if he threw a kill shot, it hit oil and it backed up. Beats me otherwise.

  3. you weren’t at the 2008 World Championship in Indy when he left a open in practice and said it loud enough that everyone could hear him…laughter around the building.

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