90 Nelson Burton Tip of the Week Fresno, California

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Nelson Burton Jr Tip of the Week. Some trivia about this tip. It was filmed at the old Showplace Bowling Center in Staten Island, NY my hometown. Bo filmed tips over a weekend for the 1990 season. I can be seen in the audience on some of the tips but was not here the day of this particular one. Interestingly my wife also was in the audience for a few of the tips although we did not know each other at the time. I was 16 or 17 during the filming.

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6 Comments on “90 Nelson Burton Tip of the Week Fresno, California”

  1. Amazing that someone would even give this as a tip. Don’t use peanut butter as ball plug, folks.

  2. I remember when Showplace Lanes first opened. I bowled there a couple of year before I moved in 1990. I shot my first 800 there, the first three of a 4 game set. (1051) I understand it closed, reopened, and then closed again.

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