A shocking ending to a PBA title match! – Del Ballard vs. Pete Weber

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Del Ballard Jr. takes on the great Pete Weber in the championship match of the 1991 Fair Lanes Open. Ballard leads by 4 pins going into the 10 frame, but Weber throws 3 strikes in the 10th to put the pressure on Ballard. Ballard throws 2 strikes, and now just needs 7 pins on his last shot to win the championship. That shouldn't be a problem, right?…

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38 Comments on “A shocking ending to a PBA title match! – Del Ballard vs. Pete Weber”

  1. I remember seeing this live on TV. That must’ve been like a kick in the nuts for poor ol’ Del. Talk about wanting to crawl into a hole die…

  2. I remember watching this match live. It was a historic event also because it was the first televised event that used Brunswick’s new GS-10 pinsetter with BowlerVision scoring.

  3. Lmfao loved Webers reaction Ballard should of moved a lot more in side thought the 1st shot was going in the channel

  4. I watched this with my dad back in ’91. We both just sat there dumbfounded. Didn’t say a word. We couldn’t believe what had just happened.

    1. @Mark I think that initial reaction was today’s Pete Weber being born. Who do you think you are, I am?!

  5. I remember watching this also, and I kept thinking during the broadcast that Ballard’s throws were too close to the gutter, and I kept watching for him to gutter one.

    1. ALSO, when you look at Ballard approach perfectly straight first two balls. That gutter ball, he stepped off. Sign of β€œjacked up” speedy race to the line

    2. Also both players through out the telecast were flirting with the gutter. Either one were flirting with the gutter

    1. @Nathan …Same for Jeff Mattingly…Missed an easy spare, got his ball and left with the match still in play !

  6. is it bad even to this day everytime i see del ballard on tv even as a storm bowling tour rep on pba telecast shows i still think of the gutter ball here. i know its wrong but when you watched them so many times you just can’t stop but think about it

  7. 1:22 Reminds me of a 28-3 lead in the 2017 Super Bowl, and a 10-20 lead in the 2020 Super Bowl 😭😭

  8. I remember watching this on TV when I was ten. To this day, Weber and Ballard are the only two professional bowlers I could name.

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