31 Comments on “AJ Chapman Left Stunned By Loss To Stu Williams At 2021 USBC Masters”

    1. I think you are overreacting this …Haha….Now if this would of been Danielle McEwan….NOW you got a story….lol

  1. tough break kid , , , , amazing how strange things sometimes happen when you throw a round object at round objects huh ?

  2. Can’t lie, these portrayals of bowling capture the essence of emotion that is the sport; just the silence of the pinsetter…the lingering echos…no commentary…the duality between pain and joy–this is the good stuff. Great job with the clip

    1. @Thomas Taylor that’s his hair colour and also his style, both his shirt and the teleprompter says AJ Chapman, so u really dont think its him lol?

  3. Another example of why throwing a ball that hooks 3 ft, is the wrong way to bowl. Ive seen top pros, who hook the ball miss this simple spare over a dozen times in TV. I bowl once a year, have a 150 average, but I always pick this spare up with a slow, straight delivery.

    1. The response of a person who has no clue how the sport is actually played or general physics or angles.

  4. AJ has a very good game. He will be back. You win some and you lose some. That is bowling.

    1. I’m a guy who breaks 200 seldom. But I don’t understand why throwers as strong as these guys wouldn’t go right at that leave.

  5. At the end of the day you’re still playing a game to make a living. Feel fortunate, count your blessings and move on.

  6. I gotta ask, was AJ crying? This is why I was always taught that spares are your bread and butter. They can make or break the match. Strikes will come, but if you aren’t consistant with your spares, you will lose every single time.

  7. That Shot at that angle and speed should have easily clipped the pin left standing unless it was urethane ball possibly….reactive i think would have dug in a bit more and caught it without deflecting that much. just my humble opinion which really means nothing, these guys are the pro’s.

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